Ticket 2nd Lottery For Overseas Neo SOUND Wave Crew

    The Zepp Sapporo show will not be available for this advance reservation.

    The event will be held at 100% of the venue's regulation capacity. There will be no position markings in the standing area. It is expected to be very dense. Please understand this beforehand.

    12/20・21 About the Yokohama Arena Concert.
    There will be no position markings in the center standing area. It is expected to be very dense. Please understand this beforehand.
    ※Elementary school students and older are required to pay. For standing tickets, small children are not recommended to enter.

Reception overview

Application acceptance period (JST) : From Thursday, September 14, 2023 12:00pm to Sunday, September 24, 23:59
Lottery result announcement (JST) : Thursday, September 28, 2023 18:00pm(Estimated Time)
Number of tickets that can be applied for: Osaka-Jo Hall / OMIYA SONIC CIVIC HALL / MITO CITY CIVIC CENTER
12/21 Yokohama Arena / Nippon Budokan:2 tickets per show
Performances other than the above performances:4 tickets per show
Lottery draw eligibility: Applicants
Those who are Overseas Neo SOUND Wave Crew

Accompanying Persons
Applications are open to both members and non-members
Notes: Elementary school-aged children and above must pay admission. No preschool children admitted.

Regarding the wearing of masks in the venue, we will respect the subjective judgment of the customer.
Cheering and cheering are not prohibited, but please be considerate so as not to disturb other

Regarding e-Tickets

Find out more about electronic tickets

Tickets will be issued via the official UVERworld app to prevent unauthorized ticket resales.

E-ticket Ticket display date: One week before *tentative
Ticket display terminal:

Tickets can only be received via the smartphone with the phone number registered at the time of application.

Ticket distribution: Only tickets for accompanying persons can be distributed after admission.
Ticket Trade: If you are unable to attend after purchasing your tickets, please make use of our official ticket trading & resale service at Tixplus Trade. However, please be aware that a Japanese bank account is required to use this service.

Prohibition of Unauthorized Resale and Transfer

The resale of tickets to third parties, ticket distribution to persons other than members of your party, and ticket transfer without using the share member function are strictly prohibited, regardless of the reason or purpose thereof.
Tickets purchased outside of the authorized sales desks (ticket resale sites, internet auctions, sales via bulletin boards, scalpers, etc.) and tickets confirmed to have been illegally distributed or transferred will be voided and admission will be denied, even if they were purchased at the regular price.
≫Prohibition of Unauthorized Resale and Transfer

Items to confirm before applying

1.How to apply

After member authentication, you will be redirected to the Pia application screen.

2.Supported devices
  • Electronic tickets issued via the official UVERworld app can be utilized by any smartphone with a registered phone number and internet capability.
    • (*SMS contract is required for both iPhone and Android devices)
    [Supported Operating Systems]
    iPhone devices: iOS 13.0 or higher recommended
    Android devices: Android OS 7.0or higher recommended
  • *Tablet devices and iPod Touch devices are not electronic ticket compatible.
    In addition, certain smartphone devices are not supported. Please make sure to check the list of unsupported devices.

Regarding supported devises

3.Email settings

Information on application completion and raffle results will be sent to you by email via Pia.
On ticket display date, Tixplus (formerly EMTG) will send you an email for your e-Tickets.
If you have set designated domains for your inbox, please set it to receive emails from "" and "". Please also pay attention to your spam settings.

4.Receiving tickets
  • Tickets for the selected performances will be sent via the UVERworld official app.

    To prevent unauthorized resale, tickets are only receivable on the smartphone connected with the phone number registered at the time of application.

    • ※The UVERworld official app can only be used with one phone number per Plus member ID. The same phone number cannot be registered to multiple accounts.
      If you are unable to receive your ticket because you have changed your phone number due to a phone model change, or you entered the wrong phone number when applying, please contact Tixplus Customer Support after your ticket is available for receipt.

How to get tickets and how to enter

5.Notes regarding the ticket application process
  • * Be sure to enter the applicant information in the application form of "Pia". Applicants will be [members associated with the membership number logged in to the fan club site].
  • * Reception is not on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • * Please be sure to check the reception desk on the Pia website for details and precautions regarding reception.
  • * Cancellation after application and change of contents after acceptance are not possible at all. Also, you cannot cancel or change your ticket after purchasing it. Please be careful.
  • * If payment cannot be confirmed by the payment deadline, it will be treated as a cancellation.
  • * We cannot answer inquiries about seats and lottery.
  • * Only members who have purchased this advance ticket can enter. Unauthorized trading (resale) or transfer of tickets is prohibited.
  • * Tickets are strictly prohibited from being resold or transferred to a third party for any purpose or reason, except for transfer through the share member function. In the unlikely event that an unauthorized purchase is discovered or if we cannot verify your identity, we will refuse entry. In that case, please note that we will not be able to refund the ticket price.
  • * Members who are found to have fraudulent transactions will be disadvantaged in future lotteries.
  • * If your device is Android, you may not be able to apply depending on the browser. In that case, change the browser to Google Chrome and try again.
6.Information and precautions for the event

【Other notes】

  • -Please refrain from gathering in tight groups around the entrance or in near the venue (inside convenience stores, etc.).
    Please also refrain from waiting nearby to enter or leave the venue.
    (Staff may ask your group to disperse while waiting for the doors to open or similar situations.)
  • -There is no smoking station. Also, please use the restroom before coming to the event when possible.
  • -We cannot accept gifts or flowers on the day of the event.
  • -If you are coming to the show in a wheelchair, please contact the person in charge of the show you want to attend in advance, after you purchase your tickets.
  • -On the day of the performance, so-called "sound leakage" is prohibited.Please understand that this may cause inconvenience to the surrounding areas and may cause illness due to the weather.
  • -In the unlikely event that people who do not have tickets gather, we will disband.Please follow the staff's instructions.
  • -Please refrain from using homemade fans for staging purposes and because they may cause inconvenience to other guests.
  • -The use of costumes, headgear, and shiny objects is prohibited.
  • special sitePlease check.

【Refusing entry/being asked to leave】

  • -You will not be able to refund your tickets if you are denied entry to the venue because you did not follow the precautions listed above.
  • -You will be asked to leave if you do not follow the instructions you are given by staff.

Information on countermeasures and performance may be updated in the future. Please check the official website for the latest information.

Through the above measures, we will strive to prevent infections spreading within the venue and provide the best event administration possible. We sincerely hope that this will be a wonderful event.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation to help prevent and the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Application period has ended

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