Fan club ticket reception


Reception details

Application period
From Tuesday, June 11, 2024, 21:00
~Sunday, June 23, 2024, 23:59
Winner Announcement
Friday, June 28, 2024, 18:00(Estimated Time)*JST
Number of applications
  • Up to 4 tickets per performance per person
  • ※Zepp Nagoya~誠果 生誕祭~公演のみおひとり様2枚まで
Ticket prices
  • 9,500円(税込)
Application requirements
  • ApplicantNeo SOUND WAVE member
    ≫Click here to join
    • *Those who join during the period can also apply.
  • Travel companion
    Non-members welcome
  • Admission fee applies for elementary school students and above. Preschool children are not allowed.

About e-tickets

Check your e-ticket details

As a measure against fraudulent ticket resale, electronic tickets purchased in this advance sale will be issued via the official "UVERworld" app.

E-ticket Ticket display date 1 week before the performance (scheduled)
Ticket display terminal

You can only receive your order using the smartphone with the phone number you registered when you applied.

Ticket Distribution Only the portions for accompanying persons can be distributed after admission
*Applicants must attend in person
Ticket Trading Yes. Don't worry if you can't make it until the day before the show!
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About trading

Check trade details

If you are suddenly unable to attend, please use UVERworld Official Ticket Plaza Trading, where you can trade at the regular price with peace of mind!

We provide an official UVERworld trading service that allows fan club members to exchange tickets at the regular price. Unlike ticket resale sites, you can rest assured from the transaction to the entrance, with "fixed price transactions" and "guaranteed admission"!

  • Trading is available until 11:59am the day before the performance!

  • Ticket trading is by lottery!

    During the trading period, a lottery will be held every day at 12:00.
    *It is not first come first served. You cannot specify a customer for this trade.

  • Ticket trading is done at list price!

    The following fees are required separately:
    [Listing] Trade fee
    [Successful bid] Trade fee + electronic ticket system usage fee

  • All successful bids will be issued as e-tickets.

    Tickets that you have won can also be put up for sale as long as they are within the trading period.

  • Notes on trading

    Please note that Ticket Plaza Trade is a service for Japan only, and those who do not have a domestic account cannot sell tickets.

    Applicants for trade must be present in person.
    Those who do not possess an account in Japan are not eligible to exhibit in Tixplus trade. We appreciate your understanding that the procedures will differ depending on your own situation, as the trading system is a domestic service.

  • The start date for ticket trading will be announced at a later date.

Regarding prohibition of unauthorized resale and transfer

Reselling tickets to a third party or transferring tickets to anyone other than your accompanying party without using the ticket sharing member function is strictly prohibited, regardless of the reason or purpose.
If tickets are found to have been purchased from any other than official sales outlets (ticket resale sites, internet auctions, sales on message boards, scalpers, etc.) or if they have been illegally distributed or transferred, the tickets will be invalid and you will be denied entry, even if they were sold at the regular price.
≫Prohibition of unauthorized purchase (resale) and transfer of tickets

Please be sure to check the following before applying

1. How to apply

After authenticating your membership, you will be redirected to the Pia application screen.

2. Compatible devices
  • E-ticket issuance using the official "Neo SOUND WAVE" app can be done on a smartphone with an internet connection and a phone number starting with 090/080/070. [Supported OS]
    iPhone devices: iOS 13.0 or later *SMS function required
    For Android devices: "Android OS 7.0" or later *SMS function required
  • *Electronic tickets are not compatible with "Feature Phones," "Raku-Raku Smartphones (models released before 2014 that are not compatible with Google Play)," "Galaho," "Tablet Devices," and "iPod touch."
    Also, some smartphones are not supported. Please be sure to check the incompatible models.

Compatible devices

3. Email reception settings

An email will be sent by Pia to inform you of your application completion and the lottery results.
On the ticket display start date, you will receive an email from Tixplus (formerly EMTG) with instructions on how to receive your electronic ticket.
If you have specified domain reception settings, please make sure you can receive emails from "" and "". Also, please be careful with your spam settings.

4. How to receive the item
  • Tickets for performances won in this advance sale can be picked up via the "UVERworld official app."

    To prevent unauthorized resale, deliveries can only be made using the smartphone device associated with the phone number you registered when applying.

    • *The "UVERworld Official App" can only be used with one phone number per Plus member ID. The same phone number cannot be registered to multiple accounts.
    • *If you are unable to receive your ticket due to reasons such as changing your phone number after changing your device or entering the wrong phone number when applying, please contact Tixplus customer support after you have started receiving your ticket.

How to receive your e-ticket and enter the venue

5. Notes regarding reception
  • *Please make sure to enter the applicant's information in the "Pia" application form. The applicant will be the [member associated with the membership number used to log in to the fan club site].
  • * Registration is not on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • *Please be sure to check the Pia website for details and precautions regarding reception.
  • *Cancellation after application and changes to the content after the reception is completed are not possible. In addition, cancellations and changes after purchasing tickets are also not possible. Please note.
  • *If payment is not confirmed by the payment deadline, your order will be canceled.
  • *We cannot answer any inquiries regarding seats or lotteries.
  • *Only members who have purchased advance tickets can enter the venue. Unauthorized buying and selling (reselling) and transferring of tickets is prohibited.
  • *Reselling or transferring tickets to a third party other than through the Share Member function is strictly prohibited, regardless of the purpose or reason. If we find out that you have made an illegal purchase or are unable to verify your identity, you will be denied entry. Please note that in such cases, we will not be able to refund the ticket price or any other fees.
  • *Members found to have engaged in fraudulent transactions will be at a disadvantage in future lotteries.
  • *Please note that members who are registered with overseas fan club services cannot apply.
  • *If you are using an Android device, you may not be able to apply depending on your browser. In that case, please try changing your browser to Google Chrome.
6. Information and precautions regarding the event

  • In order to hold this performance, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in carefully reading the information and precautions below and purchasing tickets and attending the performance.
  • - We will respect your subjective decision regarding wearing a mask inside the venue.
    Cheering and cheering are not prohibited, but please be considerate so as not to disturb other customers.
  • *Please note that the following precautions will be updated from time to time, so please be sure to check them again before coming to the venue on the day of each performance.

  • [Regarding ticket trading]

    • *Tickets will not be refunded unless the performance is postponed or canceled.
    • ・If you are unable to attend due to illness or other reasons, please use the official ticket trading or resale services.
    •  The period for trading tickets purchased through this advance sale is scheduled to run from after the tickets are issued until 11:59 AM on the day before the performance.
    • [Other notes]

      • ・Waiting for performers to arrive or leave (including at stations and airports) is prohibited.
      • Please click here for more details.
      • - Please refrain from gathering in close proximity to the venue entrance or surrounding areas (convenience stores, etc.).
        (Staff may ask you to leave temporarily, such as while waiting for the venue to open.)
      • ・There are no smoking areas. Please use the restroom before coming to the venue, if possible.
      • ・We cannot accept gifts or flowers on the day.
      • ・If you are coming in a wheelchair, please contact the relevant performance's contact information in advance after purchasing your ticket.
      • - On the day of the performance, so-called "sound leakage" will be prohibited.
        Please understand that this will cause inconvenience to those around the venue and may lead to people becoming ill due to the weather.
        If anyone without a ticket shows up, they will be asked to leave.
        Please follow the instructions of the staff.
      • ・Please refrain from using homemade fans as this is necessary for the performance and may cause inconvenience to other customers.
      • ・The use of costumes, headgear, and light items is prohibited.

      [Regarding refusal of entry and expulsion]

      • ・Please note that if you do not follow the above precautions and are denied entry, no refunds will be given.
      • - If you do not follow the instructions of the staff, you will be asked to leave.
      • [Contact Information] Please check the special website.

      Performance information may be updated in the future, so please check the official website.

      We will utilize the various measures mentioned above to operate to the best of our ability.
      We sincerely hope that the result will be a wonderful event.

      We would like to ask for each and every one of your understanding and cooperation.